The Team

Who We Are


Jennifer Hall

Jen was introduced to Kambo in December of 2018. Pretty immediately she felt it was something she wanted to share with others. Now, after years working with Kambo and some years of self-reflection she has realized that there is a lot to understand in relation to our illnesses and our thought processes. 


Jen practices Qigong, RenXue, Biofield Tuning, Kambo and Integrative Coaching. In her work with Kambo, she utilizes knowledge gained from these skills to assist individuals in finding physical and emotional blockages needing to be released.


She is a member of Kambo International and has a profound respect for Kambo.  Jen is humbled and deeply honored to share this work and be of service in this way. Your safety throughout your process is her main concern.

She is also here for your supportive or integrative needs as a coach with personal experience in consciousness/heart healing.  

Kellie Rutherford

I have been working with Kambo since 2015. After my initial Kambo experience, I felt as though I had made a decision for the first time to do something that was truly beneficial for my life.  It started me on my path of growth, realization and life cultivation.  I received my initial Kambo training in 2018 from the International Association of Kambo Practitioners.


Since then, I have received the Advanced Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Level 1 Self-Application Teacher Training through Kambo International.  I love to work with people at all stages from first time clients to people who are ready to learn how to self apply Kambo. 


Through my work with Kambo, I have felt a strong need to work with other plant medicines and have enjoyed incorporating them with Kambo.

I attribute much of my success in changing my life on a fundamental level to Ren Xue and the team at Uplift Yourself in Bellevue, WA.