Kambo is the secretion of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor or Monkey Tree Frog which resides in the treetops of the Amazon forest.  This powerful secretion contains many bioactive peptides which have been found to be  very beneficial.
The Kambo secretion, also known as "frog sweat," is collected from pores in the frog's skin.  In its native rainforest, the frog's telltale croaks are routinely heard throughout the night. It is revered as a powerful spiritual teacher and praised for its healing and purgative abilities. Now, Kambo has stepped outside of the Amazon and is reaching across the world to help all of us. 
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Kambo is very beneficial for helping us move through some of the issues that we face throughout our lives. Nearly all of us encounter painful imprints upon our bodies from traumatic episodes, poor diet, mass pollution, and lack of connection to spirit -- and western medicine does little to clear our bodies of these blockages. Kambo, however, has unique cleansing effects. It can radically empower the body, mind, and spirit.


Kambo ceremonies are legal, non-hallucinogenic experiences.  Kambo has long been used by indigenous tribes of the Amazon to protect themselves from many diseases, such as Malaria and other infections that are easily acquired in the jungle, detoxify the body and gain more strength/stamina. The Matsés tribe of Peru uses Kambo to treat a symptom they refer to as "Panema," which translates to laziness, depression and bad luck. 

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Jennifer Hall is an Advanced Kambo practitioner and member of Kambo International. Jen is an empath which makes her intuitive in her practice and she enjoys practicing Reiki , finding and replacing unserving patterns,  biofield sound tuning and more, and is always happy to incorporate those practice into your ceremony if you feel called.


Jen has a profound respect and connection with Kambo and she welcomes the opportunity to facilitate your Kambo experience. All of the Kambo she uses is fresh from the tribes of the Tikuna and Matses and is of the highest quality. Bringing strong intention and respect for this work, Jen will strive to be of service to your experience and well being.